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Go and see Watchmen

watchmenIf you want to see Hapkido at its best form, in a modern movie that’s not too corny and even has a brilliant storyline with serious actors in it – go and view Watchmen.

You are going to see a few serious (realistic) Hapkido action in some scenes and then you have some super-slow-motion moves that scratch the surface of impossibility in other cases.

Overall, however, the movie has a nice plot, extremely good effects, nice actors and as I pointed out – excellent fighting scenes. Violent and brutal but hey Hapkido at its core isn’t really nice isn’t it? Breaking bones and dislocating joints is a specialty of this art and you are going to see just about that in a street brawl.

Okay I hear you people who are arguing to say that’s not “just” Hapkido.
Maybe, but to be frank, almost all modern martial arts featuring joint locks “stole” the basic locks from Aikido, JiuJitsu and/or Judo long ago. And arm-bars are/were pretty common in Kung-Fu.

Anyway, Hapkido evolved, and still is, pretty quickly and added some nasty stuff to its style. And offers, therefore, a wide variety of handy moves you haven’t seen in older fight movies.

All in all, please watch Watchmen – it is a interesting but violent movie.
There has been bad word of mouth for it, well I guess mostly because you are going to see a dude walking around naked all the time and the probably longest erotic scene you’ve seen in a long time in a movie like that. So, I guess the first fact (nude dude) puts a lot of people off (specially men) but apart from that the movie is good.

Not suited for kids and women with weak senses, though.


Have you seen the new Star Trek Movie? I highly recommend it, even if you are not a Trekkie.
You will find it’s a good movie without any knowledge of the Enterprise. Good acting, interesting plot and “thank god”, they sticked true to the characters.

Okay, Cpt. Kirk seems to be a tough guy who sure can take a beating but he doesn’t seems to be very skilled in combat.

Anyway, I was arguing recently that the Security Guards used in ST are not very efficient. I have seen some wrist locks there and then in Deep Space Nine but that was the highest of martial arts used in any of those series.

A shame! If you think of it; Even today our military, special forces, the marines or anything that deals with exploration, confrontation and protection in foreign lands, or to gain insight in certain situations are all trained in close combat.
That’s a fact, anyone and I would expect at least some knowledge, not just of diplomacy, but of combat if you sending people into space.

Anyway, that’s my blurb for this matter.
Any arguments and comments are welcome. PS: Watch the new Star Trek, it’s awesome.

Yeah, I know – you might think: “What has Star Trek to do with Martial Arts?”
Well, followers know that I am not only convinced that Martial Arts and Science Fiction is the Ultimate Team-Up, as discussed in a previous post The Bridge between Martial Arts & Science Fiction., but also believe that many other martial artists out there like Science Fiction.

Anyway, today is for many Sci-Fi fans and all Trekkers out there a special day. Star Trek has been the very reason for many to glue to the idiot box, for so many generations now and the franchise haven’t lost it’s potential.

And so I am happy to see a new “old” movie premiers today!

From the trailers and sneak previews, it seems like there’s a lot more fighting going on compared to previews Star Treks movies/series.
Apart from the FACT that previous fighting scenes were not just awfully arranged and executed but also very questionable.

Today, there are so many useful self-defence focused martial arts (Hapkido, Ninjitsu, Jiu Jitsu to name but a few) out there and Star Trek’s Star Fleet is secondary a military based federation, so wouldn’t it be worth training those guys (Ship’s Security Officers) something useful?

Anyway, I’m still looking forward to the new movie :o)

This thought is a reflection of my previous postThe Link between Martial Arts & Science Fiction“, from 26 of March.

I featured the same poll to the AHG Community and interesting thoughts came back *gg
Karen from Parramatta Dojang (Dynamic Self Defence) responded with a cheeky smile:

sci-fi should not destroy a great martial arts movie.
Look at all the old martial art movies no sci fi and they where great and now we have to much sci-fi and little martial arts.
keep the sci-fi out.

It’s a free world and everyone should have their own opinion, no grudge taken and I absolutely support a free-speech world and people don’t have to agree with each other as long as their freedom isn’t disturbed 🙂

However, this is for everyone who thinks along the same line as Karen *lol Don’t forget the different approach of the two genres. – A Martial Art movie is based on a character, or the story about a specific art, and therefore showcases more fighting scenes, good choreography etc.

Sci-Fi, well is more about the showing various realities, theorizing about matter and time, unlimited possibilities of fantastic technology using creative imagination, bizarre worlds…
Of course there are too many misusing the science fiction genre, for making quick-dirty money but hey, haven’t we all watched at least one corny action flick for example featuring Van Damme?

And by the way, “What genre doesn’t have bad movies?” I quote Matthew, IHG-Black Belt Member from Lancaster USA.

That doesn’t mean there aren’t good ones also. More to the point, I really agree that they are the perfect setting for martial arts action. When I see martial arts applied to common day situations in most movies, I can’t help but sit there and say to myself “Now that would never work” or “No one would actually do that.”

To sum it up. I couldn’t agree more to both quotes. There are crap Sci-Fi movies/series out there but then which genre hasn’t bad ones. And in the other hand I really believe Sci-Fi is a perfect platform to showcase any Martial Art featuring it’s unreal, demonstration-purpose but good looking moves you would never use in real life *lol

Please feel free to comment your thoughts, supply a list of sci-fi movies with MA or send in links to similar topics.

Cheers – have a nice day